Sotheby’s is New York’s go-to place for anyone looking to pick up fine or decorative art, jewellery, real estate, or collectables of almost any kind. However, make sure to bring your, and likely dozens of other peoples’, wallets in order to be able to afford anything as the location has become synonymous with eye-watering prices. This isn’t particularly surprising given the wide array of high-profile items that go up for auction there, from Supreme’s entire product catalogue to Banksy’s iconic shredded painting.

Well, it looks like yet another high-profile auction is set to take place there, this time being due to the fact that it is the first major US-based sale of Aboriginal art ever. Specifically, Sotheby’s has stated that they will relocate its Aboriginal art sales from London to New York in November, becoming the first international auction house to offer Australian indigenous art outside Australia or Europe. The change is due to the expansion of the New York galleries, something that now allows the brokers to exhibit Aboriginal art along with their contemporary art.

The first sale is set to take place in November and will consist of items that range from historical pieces to post-colonial contemporary works of art. Head over to Sotheby’s website to find out more.


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