Once upon a time, Kanye West and Virgil Abloh interned at the Italian luxury fashion house, Fendi, consequently, the two were inducted into the world of fashion and since then they have done a pretty good job at influencing it. Well, now it looks like Kanye is working on opening the doors to the next generation of creatives, and he is doing so via his latest fashion venture at YEEZY.

Specifically, West’s initiative will provide guidance, financial assistance and other vital resources to “aspiring creatives in fashion, design, and more.” Interestingly, we already have evidence of its progress, with the Chicago-born Maisie Schloss receiving the project’s first grant. As for who Maisie is, the Parsons graduate caught the attention of her fashion peers as a former YEEZY womenswear designer, however, since then she has been on her own path, readying the launch of her own label.

Maisie Schloss with the model, Antonina Petkovic at the annual Parsons Fashion Show.

Maisie actually wrote a letter to Vogue in which she described how helpful Kanye and the YEEZY brand has been, saying: “YEEZY is a really special environment for growing and developing a career. … Kanye very generously offered to support me; he truly cares about sharing resources, creating opportunities for creatives to grow and be recognized.”

Well, whatever Maisie is doing is clearly working as this week alone she is set to introduce her brand, Masie Wilen, at a prestigious event in Los Angeles, that is shortly before heading out to Paris later this month to do it yet again. Check out Maisie’s creative outputs over on her brand’s official Instagram account.


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