With it being 6 years since PlayStation’s fourth model came out, all eyes are on the gaming conglomerate as excitement continues to build for its next instalment of the console. Well, if you are someone who is excited about the release then you are in luck as details of what to expect have just surfaced online.

Specifically, thanks to an anonymous poster on Pastebin, details such as the model’s release date, games, specs and price have all been supposedly revealed, and as for how this individual knows, he is said to be a developer on a yet-to-be-announced PS5 application. Interestingly, the leaker has stated that the PS5 will arrive with a built-in 2TB hard drive, something that will be necessary if the rumours of the console’s native 4K abilities and 8K upscaling functionality is true. As well as this, we can supposedly expect an upgraded PlayStation VR headset, backwards compatible functionality, a new premium version of PlayStation Plus, and of course a new DualShock 5 controller.

When it comes to the PlayStation 5’s games, we can look forward to Battlefield Bad Company 3, a new Harry Potter game, the forthcoming Vikings-based Assassin’s Creed game, Gran Turismo 7, a 4K remastered version of PUBG – something that will be exclusive to the PS5, The Last of Us Part II, a remastered version of Ghost of Tsushima, and even GTA VI – a game that will interestingly be a PS5 exclusive for the first month of its release.

When it comes to the tech’s release, the anonymous poster said that we can get ready for a 2020 launch, with the whole package setting you back around $500. However, as this is just leaked information, we will have to wait and see just how true this turns out to be.


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