Marvel were praised heavily last year after successfully welcoming Black Panther and the African culture into their franchises spotlight. Well, it looks like that the American comic book conglomerate is set to explore another one of their foreign superhero characters.

Specifically, Shang-Chi, one of Marvel's China-based characters is set to be the star of the studio's first Chinese-lead film as Marvel insists on using an Asian or Asian-American director. As for who Shang-Chi is, Wikipedia summaries the individual by saying: "Shang-Chi was born in the Hu'nan province of the People's Republic of China, and is the son of Fu Manchu, the Chinese mastermind who has repeatedly attempted world conquest and had a thirst for blood. Shang-Chi was raised and trained in the martial arts by his father and his instructors. He was sent on a mission to murder Dr. Petrie, but he met Fu Manchu's archenemy, Sir Denis Nayland Smith and learned that Fu Manchu was evil and rebelled against his father."

At the moment that's all we have to go on so I guess we will have to wait and see, stay tuned in order to keep updated with the story as developments take place.


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