The American rapper, singer, songwriter, and television personality that is Cardi B was not long ago celebrating her newly-born baby with the child's father, the American rapper, singer and songwriter, Offset. Well, it looks like things have changed within the two's relationship as Cardi B confirmed on Instagram that they were planning on going separate ways.

Specifically, the Migos member and Cardi B have apparently grown "out of love" with Cardi stating more precisely that: "everybody been bugging me and everything. And you know, I been trying to work things out with my baby father for a hot minute now. We’re really good friends and you know we’re really good business partners… He’s always somebody that I run to, to talk to and we got a lot of love for each other but things just haven’t been working out between us for a long time. It’s nobodies fault it’s just I guess we grew out of love.”

As for what Offset had to say, he left a small comment on the post saying: "Yall won." I guess we are going to have to see what happens from here now that their baby, Kulture, is in the mix.


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There you go..peace and love

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