At the very least the reception of DC’s 2017 Justice League was mixed, with some going as far to say that it was a mistake. However, for those that don’t know, Zack Snyder is looking to revamp the picture in a director’s cut, adding and removing scenes as well as making changes to the movie’s overall plotline.

The movie, which ended up costing Warner Bros. around $60M, stars Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman as well as Ben Affleck as Batman, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Ray Fisher as Cyborg and Ezra Miller as The Flash.

Originally, Snyder had completed principal photography on the film, but stopped work on the movie in early 2017 after his 20-year-old daughter died of suicide. Returning to the project, Synder has looked to add more value to the movie, and within this latest teaser we see that he has done so by introducing the villain Darkseid.

Take a look at the first footage we have of the new cut, if you like what you see then sit tight as the three-hours-long version of the film will debut on HBO Max in 2021.


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