Finally, after many weeks of controversy and worry, A$AP Rocky has finally received the verdict for his assault trial.

As for what decision was made, the Stockholm-based judge ruled the iconic 30-year-old creative as guilty, along with two other members of the rapper’s entourage. Consequently, A$AP Rocky

Consequently, Rocky has been ordered to pay kr12,500 SEK in total to the victim, a figure that equates to approximately £1,079. Furthermore, the rapper, born Rakim Mayers, was also given a suspended sentence of two years probation with no additional jail time. This, of course, isn’t ideal for the A$AP Mob frontman, however, at least he doesn’t have to return to the country, something which the rapper stated he wouldn’t do again.

Many rumours have been circulating online regarding the state of A$AP Rocky and his recent assault charge, however, now that he has spoken out in Swedish court a little more accurate light has been shed on his case.

As for what took place, both Rocky, the assault accuser, named Mustafa Jafari, and both party’s defence lawyers spoke out during a cross-examination process, something that finally gave us a better idea as to what took place. Furthermore, Thanks to BBC News‘ Larissa Kennelly and Maddy Savage live-tweeting the whole court case, everyone online got to find out what was going down as the events unfolded in realtime.

The most important details that came out are as follows:

  • Mustafa claimed he was unaware of Rocky’s celebrity status
  • None of the videos showed Rocky or his friends holding any objects
  • Rocky admitted to picking up a bottle but stated that he put it down soon after once he realised it was “stupid”
  • What could be an incriminating text message was sent by Rocky’s assistant, who stated: “Harlem came out and smashed a bottle on a person”

If you want to read through all of the tweets that were posted by the BBC journalists then you can do so below.

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