It’s about to become a lot easier to spot a pro or hobby gamer, thanks to the release of Playstation’s first ever jewellery collaboration. The Los Angeles based jewellery creator King ice, is teaming up with playstation to make a collection bridging the gap between the gaming and the fashion industries. The brand has seen collaborations between the likes of Snoop Dog, Odd future and Wu-tang, to name a few. So while this is not the first of the brands collaborations, it is certainly a first for Sony, who are yet to bring their gaming culture into the world of jewellery.

The pieces pay homage to the signature elements of the PlayStation emblems, seen primarily in the 14K gold Playstation Controller pendant, which is perhaps the pinnacle of the collection. This item does not fail to incorporate detailing of the classic PlayStation buttons, touchpad and 3D thumb-sticks. Another in the mix is an ID bracelet, featuring the unmistakable shapes which appear on the controller buttons.

After giving us a peek at the collaboration earlier this week on Instagram, the highly anticipated collection is now available for purchase, with prices starting at roughly £60, so if you like what you see, head over to King Ice’s website to get your hands on the items.

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