Despite their long successful history, it looks like the collaborative relationship adidas and Kanye West have together is coming to an end. Made quite clear via Instagram, Kanye West is frustrated at adidas over their decisions to colour, and then release, various product types of his without his approval.

Whether this is an issue that arose due to the German sportswear brand or the music and fashion mogul, we don’t exactly know. This unclarity is due to adidas playing their hand close to the chest while Kanye’s rants on social media are likely not the whole truth.

For this reason, nobody can be sure if adidas did in fact offer him a $1 billion dollar buyout deal, or whether he’s really expected to make $500 million in royalties next year. These figures aren’t unrealistic, it’s just that they are currently unproved, and who knows if they ever will be.

“The fact [adidas] felt they could colour my shoes and name them without my approval is really wild,” “I really care about building something that changes the world and something I can leave to my kids. They tried to buy me out for 1 billion dollars. My royalties next year are 500 million dollars alone.”

It’s not surprising that in this situation, Kanye has already started looking for replacement shoe manufacturers. Consequently, Ye made an open call for a shoe company that will let him become the head of the board and “chief decision maker.” Shortly after, Kanye uploaded a screenshot showing a link to San Antonio Shoemakers’ Wikipedia page. The company, dubbed SAS Shoes, is a family-owned American shoe manufacturer based in San Antonio, Texas.

Having said all this, Kanye has since removed both of the previously mentioned posts, so we can only wait to find out the state of things to come.

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