It wasn’t long ago that Elon Musk along with his brainchild, Tesla, announced the date on which the electric-car manufacturer will unveil their latest model.

Interestingly, when teasing the event the company actually shared a very undetailed image of the upcoming vehicle, and now that it has been inspected by car and tech-enthusiasts all over the world, an amusing easteregg has been seen embeded onto the car.

Specifically, in the teaser image of the electric SUV, the Model Y can be seen in a dark room which hides the majority of the car’s visual features, consequently leading to fans tampering a with the levels of the image in order to try and get a clearer view.

Well, after receiving an invitation to the unveiling event, Youtube’s Marques Brownlee figured he would do just that. However, after turning up the brightness and exposure of the image all was seen was a message from Elon Musk, simply saying: “NICE TRY”

Take a look at the Tweet, in which he shared the discovery, below.


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