The 31-year-old fighter that is Jon Jones has battled a lot in 2018, and not only in the octagon, in fact, the athlete has likely seen the more trouble this year than in many as stories of drug tests, lost sponsors and many more have popped up left, right and centre.

However, a couple of nights ago the highly anticipated UFC 232 match saw the fighter bring in a big win as he went head-to-head with Alexander Gustafsson for the second time. As for what we saw, a third-round TKO brought an end to what was a heavy-hitting event. Consequently, Jones showed that he is still the best of the best when it comes to the UFC light heavyweight division. However, the excitement didn't stop there, after the fight finished Jon took the time to call out Daniel Cormier when being questioned by Joe Rogan.

Take a look at the moment below.


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