Although it was first released in 2017, Epic Games’ hit title, Fortnite, didn’t start properly gaining traction, let alone start monetizing its success until 2018. Despite this, Epic Games has still secured an absolute bag, with the game raking in billions in the first two years.

Specifically, a recent court battle took place between Epic Games and Apple all due to the commission that Apple wanted to receive from the game’s in-app purchases. During the legal proceedings, documents were shared with the public regarding the game’s overall revenues. In the first two years, Fortnite had earned $9 billion for Epic in 2018 and 2019 alone.

This is undeniably a mind-blowing amount of money for a game to make so quickly. However, it doesn’t include any of the costs, meaning that the figure for gross profit will be a very different story. Although it may not be a completely accurate number, Epic Games did see a rise in profit of over $5.5 billion in the same two-year period, meaning that $3.5 billion was likely spent on marketing, software, hardware, licencing etc… while the rest was profit.

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