The US-based skatebrand that is Santa Cruz has returned with another ‘Organics’ range following the success of 2019’s similar venture.

As for what to expect, alongside the classic monochrome colour palette seen previously, a bold injection of yellow and purple fold-dye and vibrant fade prints have been added. These designs come in the form of reworked firm favourites, such as Dope Planet,’ ‘Moon Dot’ and the new ‘Bio Hand’.

Produced in Portugal with 100% organic cotton, every piece in the collection is made using less water, chemicals and energy in both its product and printing compared to traditional methods. By supporting organic farming and OEKO-TEX approved printing, the ‘Organics’ range prioritizes higher ethical standards, consequently benefiting the environment as well as the health of workers.

Take a look at Santa Cruz’s ‘Organics’ collection below. If you like what you see then head over to the brand’s online store to cop your favourites.


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