In this day and age everyone is, or at least should be, hesitant to embrace all of these company’s home-based products. Something that isn’t too surprising given the long-running history that these conglomerates have when it comes to protecting your privacy.

Well, Amazon‘s Ring has just unveiled its Ring Always Home Cam, a flying security drone that patrols the house and films everything it sees. The new piece of tech will allow the homeowner to control the drone via their smartphone while watching a live feed of whatever the drone observes.

Although it could spot burglars and home invaders, Ring also pointed out that the device could come in handy when checking things like the oven, hob, running taps or open windows. The device boasts collision-avoidance technology which helps it navigate through tight spaces, and although you can control which room the drone visits, it only flies along preordained paths.

However, some say that the functionality may not be worth the risks, with Walt Mossberg tweeting, “In a country with no laws regulating digital privacy, anyone who buys this from a company with a history of privacy problems is insane.” The company’s blog post has noted that the device has yet to be authorized by the Federal Communications Commission, which means there’s a chance the drone might not ever be approved. I guess we will have to wait and see.


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