Those who have played video games for a while now may be able to remember the day when Crash Bandicoot ruled the world of gaming. However, since then the video-game franchise fell off, unsurprisingly given the fact that they haven’t created another instalment over the last 22 years.

Having said that, it looks like it’s all about to change as Toys for Bob and Activision have teamed up to release a sequel to ‘Crash Bandicoot: Warped’. Following a leak, the two companies announced that the full reveal for ‘Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time’ is set to arrive on the 22nd of June 22 at 16:00 pm (BST).

According to the same leak, the game will stay true to the game’s original format, implementing the same look-behind-you camera angle and wavy mechanics. Obviously, not all things have remained the same, major visual upgrades have been put in place. The full description of the game that was revealed in the leak can be seen below.

“Crash is relaxing and exploring his island in his time, 1998, when he finds a mysterious mask hidden away in a cave, Lani-Loli. The mask is one of the Quantum Masks and apparently knows Aku-Aku, Crash’s mask friend! With the Quantum Masks returning and a Quantum Rift appearing near our heroes, they decide to bravely head through to different times and dimensions to stop whoever is responsible.”

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