Nike has recently announced a new series of sustainable shoes. The ‘Space Hippie’ collection aims to reduce Nikes waste output, while delivering a solid shoe. 

Each shoe is made from scraps and cut offs from their factory floor; whether it be the T-shirts, ZoomX foam or Nike Grind rubber. This follows the mission statement inspired by life on Mars—where materials are scarce and there is no resupply mission “Space Hippie is the result of sustainable practices meeting radical design.”

The four shoes named Space Hippie 01, Space Hippie 02, Space Hippie 03 and Space Hippie 04 provide a fit option for everyone; whether you like laces, lace-less or Fly-ease, there is an option for you. 

Check out the shoes below. The collection is due to drop in July 3rd 2020, on Nikes SNKRS website. They will be priced between $130 and $180. Sign-up to our newsletter, to keep up to date with up and coming releases.


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