Brazilian skateboarder, Gui Khury, has landed the worlds first 1080 on a Vert Ramp. The 11-year-old uploaded the clip to his Instagram last Friday. 

The clip, captioned “1080!!!I have no words to explain what just happened…”, has had 170,320 views and 28,621 likes as of right now and features two separate angles of Gui doing the trick. The previous record for rotations on a Vert ramp was set by Tony Hawk in 1999; several years before Gui was even born!

Since the 900 was set by the bird man, many people have been able to match it, including Khury who became the youngest skater to do so on Vert at 8-years-old. However, with a long history of skaters trying to best it with an extra 180 degree turn, not many people expected it to come from an 11-year-old.


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