Just yesterday a London-based terrorist was shot dead by the police after carrying out a public stabbing in the heart of London.

The 20-year old wore a fake bomb vest as he walked down Streatham stabbing random members of the public. Due to the quick response time, the number of victims was limited to two, those being a man in his 40s who remains in the hospital after recovering from a life-threatening condition, and a woman in her 50s who has just been discharged from hospital. A third woman was injured but not by the terrorist, it was instead thought to be caused by glass that was broken by the police officers' gunshots.

These gunshots came quickly, with Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D'Orsi stating that armed officers were in "immediate attendance" and shot the male suspect as part of a "proactive Counter Terrorism operation".

The man responsible for the knife attack in Streatham, south London, had just been released from prison as recently as a week ago and was reportedly still under police surveillance. He served three years for disseminating terrorist material and collecting information useful for terrorism. This begs the question, is the UK's approach to those convicted of terrorism charges strict enough? Borris Johnson doesn't think so, saying it a statement that following the recent terrorist attacks in London, prison sentences will be extended and police funding will be increased.

You can read the full statement below.


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