Nigo’s renowned brand, HUMAN MADE, has recently come out swinging with a brand new pair of sneakers that channel that label’s simplistic yet effective approach to design.

Specifically, the three shoes arrive in three different colourways, “White,” “Blue” and “Gray,” with every iteration of the Heart Shoe utilising soft pastel shades. As well as this the silhouette sees a relatively wide build with an angular toe cap, something which has been crafted from a premium suede textile.

All three of the pairs come with flat cream-coloured laces, something which plays well with the light-hued polar bear-printed midsole, HUMAN MADE’s heart logo on the sides, and the brand’s slogan “GEARS FOR FUTURISTIC TEENAGERS” on the insoles.

Take a look at the HUMAN MADE Suede Heart Shoes below, if you like what you see then you’re in luck as they are available at HUMAN MADE’s website for approximately £160.


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