The movie adaptation of the renowned musical ‘Cats’ received a mixed reaction when hitting cinemas back in December, and now that official figures are coming out, it looks like Universal Pictures is set to be down an eye-watering amount.

To be more precise, going by the numbers that Box Office Mojo released Cats has brought in just $38.3 million so far, a lot of money, but given the amount that was invested into the cast, CGI and promotion this is low.

Currently, domestic sales from the US and Canada total $17.8 million, but moving forward, Universal Pictures says it projects domestic box office sales to hit around $30 million. Universal Pictures’ president of domestic distribution, Jim Orr, stated: “The story isn’t necessarily over on how Cats is going to play domestically,” adding: “This audience group doesn’t necessarily rush out on [the] opening weekend.”

However, even if the film saw a big revenue boost, the film’s production costs totalled around $100 million, as did its marketing costs, which consequently confirms the film’s major loss.


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