After being first introduced in 1976, Converse’s Classic Pro-Leather is set to make a reminiscent return, with the sneaker being readied for a November release.

As for what makes the model special, the silhouette defined Converse’s approach to basketball throughout the ’80s and ’90s, with the likes of Julius Erving (Dr. J.) most famously sporting the pair. As a side note, Dr. J. actually inspired an adolescent Andre Young to use a similar nickname, that being Dr. Dre.

Now although the Pro-Leather has been re-issued before, this time around, Converse have planned to bring the shoe back with stitch-for-stitch modelling of an upper from a 1977 archival holding, and now with remastered and more comfortable tooling. Apart from this, the sneaker looks to a simple yet effective red-on-white design, with this colour scheme allowing the brand’s Star Chevron logo to really stand out.

Take a look at the Converse Pro-Leather below, if you like what you see then head over To Converse’s online store on the 7th of November to cop a pair for yourself.


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