Londons very own street and skatewear brand, Palace Skateboards, has now made it to its fifth week since the re-opening of their store this season, and consequently, a whole range of new items are up for grabs.

As for what to expect, Palace has decided to focus their attention even more so on winter-suitable products, something which comes as a consequence of the cold being felt more than ever at this point in the year. Interestingly, the new range of jackets, sweaters, beanies and hoodies come with a new range of inspirations, branding and styles. Furthermore, expect a variety more colour-blocked shirts to make up the range while hand-graphics combined with simple text-based branding adorns a new range of shirts.

Take a look at all of the items making their way to Palace Skateboards this Friday, if you like what you see then make sure to visit one of the brand’s flagships or online store at 11am BST on the 13th of September.


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