With Google, Apple and Amazon continuing their battle for the world’s number one spot, a recent piece from BrandZ will back up Amazon’s claim to the throne.

Specifically, the brand equity database announced that Jeff Bezos’s brainchild, Amazon, has, in fact, become the most valuable brand in the world. To be precise, their list of the 100 most valuable brands sees the previously mentioned retail and tech conglomerate at the top, shortly followed by Apple and Google in that order.

As for how Amazon has done this, the company has of course been selling an astronomical number of products through its online store. However, their number further increases when taking into account all of their smart devices, and the profits drawn in from the multiple companies within their portfolio such as Twitch, Deliveroo, Audible, Whole Foods, IMDB and more.

Currently, Amazon’s worth sits at $315.5 billion after almost doubling since October 2018, Jeff Bezos‘ worth is now almost reaching the $150 billion mark.

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