The renowned German sportswear conglomerate that is PUMA recently took it upon themselves to go a little old skool, in fact the venture lead to the recent release of collection of retro-looking sneakers titled the RS-X Tracks.

Specifically, the brand has looked to launch the ’80s inspired pair in a selection of colourways, all of which aim to embody an extreme reinvention of the footwear aesthetics that came along with the old skool urban music community. As for how this has been represented, a chunky and comfy midsole allow the pair to remain current and up to date, while sharp outlandish angles keep the shoes sporting a retro vibe.

Take a look at the various PUMA RS-X Tracks sneakers below, if you like what you see the you are in luck as they are available now at retailers such as JD as well as PUMA’s online store for the retail price of £90.


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