In its new anthem film “Spark Progress”, the iconic American shoe and apparel brand that is Converse have set out to celebrate the females within London’s creative community, a generation of empowered youth who are able to fuel their their own futures and careers.

As for how they have done this, the label’s Spring 2019 campaign arrives with a film documenting the creative process of five women and their respective creative journeys, showing their highs, lows, ambitions and worries. Specifically, Ama Lou, a singer, songwriter & film-maker from North London makes an appearance as well as Paria Farzaneh, a London based Iranian menswear designer, Lava La Rue, a singer, skater & artist from West London, RAYE, a singer & songwriter from South London, as well as Feng Chen Wang, a Chinese-born, London-based menswear designer.

Take a look at each of these empowering individuals represent the spirit of the Converse brand by watching the campaign video below.


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