If you can remember as far back as 2018 you may recall the news that Disney dropped their beloved ‘Guardian’s of the Galaxy’ director, James Gunn, after his past controversial tweets were brought back into the media’s spotlight.

Well, since then many rumours speculating as to who may replace him have done the rounds. However, it looks like after all of that, Disney have finally decided to return to Gunn, with it being confirmed that he will be returning to helm the franchise once again.

Interestingly, it looks like the two creative forces, Gunn and Disney, rejoined after the Walt Disney Studios president and the man behind Gunn’s removal from the project, Alan Horn, met on multiple occasions with James in order to discuss the possible outcomes to the situation. Horn stated that because of how Gunn handled the fallout he chose to take back a few of his initial actions, most notably reinstating him to his intial directors role.

At the time, Horn described Gunn’s tweets as “offensive” and “indefensible and inconsistent with our studio’s values,” are you glad he forgave Gunn?


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