Google Could be Releasing a Game Controller in the Near Future


Back in the summer of 2018, news spread of what could end up being a brand new games console developed by Google. However, now that time has passed it appears that the project, code-named Yeti, is actually a refering to a games controller.

Specifically, in what is a published patent belonging to Google, a game controller can be seen roughly sketched out while details outline the fact that the device will arrive with built-in storage and a local processor. Furthermore, the controller will be capable of sending and receiving signals to and from a network or a host device. As for its design, the handheld device lands in a similar form to that of the Xbox One or PS4 controllers, a familiar D-Pad and Dual-Analog stick configuration sits on the front while numerous buttons and triggers sit behind.

Take a look at the blueprints below as well as a few rendered versions, if you like what you see then sit tight as we will keep you updates as info is released.


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