Many people are sick and tired of Donald Trump's questionable decisions and statements, but after recent events it seems like Pablo Escobar's brother, Roberto Escobar, is more fed up than most.

As for why we can assume that, the infamous cartel-leader's sibling recently launched a campaign titled “ByeByeTrump” which was designed to impeach the 45th president after raising $50 million.  This, of course, sounds ridiculous, however, the GoFundMe page did, in fact, raise a whopping $10 million before it was stopped by GoFundMe themselves as they had to lead an investigation as to where and what the funds would be going towards.

This seems a little suspicious, although Roberto's way of justifying the number was by telling Global News that the amount was necessary as “it costs money to go against a powerful guy like Trump.” If you want to take a look at the GoFundMe page then, unfortunately, you are out of luck as it still isn't live, however, an image of it can be seen below. I guess we will have to wait and see what Roberto's plans are from here.


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