2020 was a tough year. For Ovie, it was a year of making and releasing new music for us to experience. Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Ovie is part of a generation putting Irish music on the map.

Influenced by the US and African music, Ovie has co-written popular songs such as 'Over Me' by Mark McCabe ft Amiee. Having recently signed to Universal Music Ovie released his debut single, 'Dublin Girl', in 2019 and in 2020 released his latest single 'One More Time'. 

What was the creative process behind One More Time?

"I got the first line of the song "I wish I knew then what I know now" stuck in my head with that exact melody while I was in the shower. I hopped out immediately and recorded a voice note on my phone. Once I get one melody, everything else seems to fall into place, including the lyrics. It's like a domino effect really."


Did you produce the beat for One More Time? Do you like to get involved with that aspect of creating a song?

"No, I didn't, an amazing producer called Jay Pizzle produced it in Nigeria. However, I am involved in every part of the creative process. For example, when I have an idea, I'll send him a voice note of me beatboxing and then he's left with the excruciating task of decoding what the hell I'm talking about."

If you were to drop a remix of One More Time, which artist would you want on it?

"Well Drake, because I'm literally Draking on the song. If not Drake, then Rihanna, no explanation required."

How did you found making and releasing new music during such an odd year?

"Funny enough not much has changed for me because I've always worked remotely. So, I guess I was somewhat prepared for trying times such as this."


What/Who are your biggest musical influences?

"Michael Jackson would have been one of my earliest influences and then Craig David because I love his melodies and the way he uses his voice. Oddly enough Eminem too, because of his wordplay."

Do you ever write lyrics and choose the beat after? Or do you always hear the beat first?

"I almost always start off with a demo beat and once the lyrics are done I go to a producer and we work from scratch."

If you were stuck on a desert island, what 3 belonging would you want to have with you? (knives, ropes, tents etc.. are already provided)

"My phone with internet, solar power energy source and helicopter, you didn't tell me I can't have a helicopter so yeah haha."

What part of your musical career are you most proud of?

"Jeez, that's deep. I feel like I'm proud of every project equally because I've always worked on everything from the music to the video with my friends. Most of my favourite memories are in one way or another connected to my music career."


What have you got planned for 2021? What can we expect?

"I'm currently working on my debut EP, that's gonna be exciting. So expect singles with crazy music videos, I'm going to try to up my game every single time."


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