Warner Bros. Drops Trailer for Upcoming ‘Tom & Jerry’ Movie

Over 60 years after first airing, the iconic feud between Tom & Jerry appears to be raging on. The reason why we say this is because Warner Bros. just unveiled the first official teaser trailer to Tom & Jerry the movie.

The movie will be set in New York City, where Kayla, a hotel worker played by Chloe Grace Moretz, is given the job of catching a mouse that puts the hosting of a prestigious wedding at risk. Kayla decides the best way to get rid of a mouse is to, of course, hire a cat. As you can imagine, the battle between Tom & Jerry commences.

The film is a hybrid of live-action-animated production, and has been directed by Tim Story. If you plan on watching the flick then expect to see a few recognisable faces, such as Michael Pena, Rob Delaney, Ken Jeong and Colin Jost. This movie’s release is a significant one given the fact that it will be the franchise’s first theatrically-released film in almost three decades.

If you want to take a look at the trailer then you can do so above.


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