Created by Mr. Ibe in order to provide an unbreakable watch, G-SHOCK has been supplying sturdy timepieces for a while now. However, the time-telling brand has come out yet again with new iterations of some of their most popular models.

Specifically, this new G-SHOCK ‘Skeleton’ collection arrives with a metal-covered construction. The timepiece models that have been revamped are the GM-110, GM-5600, and GM-6900. Each of them has received a sleek semi-transparent band with a monochromatic camouflage pattern to compliment.

When it comes to the details, the bezels are forged, cut, and polished before receiving this design via a laser cutter. From here a toned-down band are also printed with a camouflage pattern. These fine design points, mixed with the subtle silver hue, round the new pieces off.

Take a look at G-SHOCK’s Skeleton series below. If you like what you see then head over to G-SHOCK’s online store to cop your favourites.


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