England’s very own Palace Skateboards has now readied themselves for their week 3 drop. As for what to expect, the skatebrand is delivering a wide array of winter-ready pieces.

Notable pieces within the Winter 2020 collection are the heavy Cyclone Jackets that arrive in three colourways, a Pillars Jersey, as well as a tee paying tribute to Jackie Chan‘s Police Stories series.

Furthermore, expect Lon-Dons Hoodies, Alas Zip Hoodies, and a range of headwear. This headwear takes the form of basic 6-Panels, Ear Dis Shell 6-Panels and Tri-Pal Beanies. If you wanna go smart, this week will also offer a selection of button-up garbs. To be precise, there is a Quilt Mit Plaid Shirt, Boojie Shirt and Oxford Shirt.

Take a look at Palace Skateboard’s Winter 2020 Week 3 selection below. If you like what you see then head to their physical stores or online shop on the 16th of October. Japan will see a later release of the 17th.


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