Infinity Ward has announced a brand new free-to-play cross-platform battle royale title called Call of Duty: Warzone. Interestingly, the game mode has been confirmed to support up to 150 players. For context, Fortnite has 100 and Apex Legends allows 60 so Call Of Duty is looking to be bigger and better in every way they can.

Furthermore, Warzone arrives with two game modes within it, a Battle Royale mode in which squads of three battle it out to be the last squad standing. However, to spice it up, players earn rewards by finding loot, eliminating enemies or completing discoverable contracts located around the map. When these are found or completed you can collect valuable reward weapons, Cash, XP, and more to instantly gain an advantage over other squads.

According to the press release: “Players will also be able to collect in-match Cash to purchase equipment, Field Upgrades, Killstreaks or Revive Tokens for fallen teammates at Buy Stations located throughout the map,” As well as this, the press release confirmed the rumours that players who fall in battle will have a couple of ways to return to the match. The first being The Gulag: a 1v1 gunfight against another fallen player where the winner returns to the match, alternatively a teammate can pay a hefty price in the cash they collected throughout the match.

Plunder is a mode that sees players race to collect as much in-match cash as possible through raiding supply boxes, eliminating opponents, completing contracts or “by controlling key cash deposit locations throughout the map.” Players will receive unlimited respawns, customizable load-outs, previous killstreaks and more as the match goes on.

Players who already own Modern Warfare will have all content already earned including Battle Pass items, Operators, and weapons. Watch the trailer below, if you like what you see then head to your console of choice to get involved as the extension dropped today.

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