Supreme recently took to Instagram to reveal their plans to collaborate with Tupac via the digital hologram that was created of him back in 2012. Specifically, the video that was posted showed Pac performing on stage, with his topless body consequently revealing a pair of Supreme boxers, the same boxers that are always present in Supreme’s seasonal drops.

The hologram was originally designed to allow the deceased artist to perform during Snoop Dogg and Dr.Dre’s set at Coachella 2012. However, even then the decision to use the Tupac hologram was controvertible, some stated that the tech was being used in an immoral way and that Pac never would have signed off on its use. Others would often argue that Dre and Snoop knew him well enough to say that he would have been ok with his post-life appearance. However, now that the $100,000 hologram is being used as a part of a brand campaign, more people are coming to the conclusion that the Tupac hologram is becoming disrespectful.

It is undeniable that Tupac has had a heavy influence on the fashion world, particularly within the areas of the industry that would eventually become known as streetwear. However, there is not much evidence that the artist was a big supporter of the Supreme brand, not surprisingly as his death took place just two years after Supreme’s founding. Now, although that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have approved of the brand and its ethos, it does mean that to use his image, especially after his death, to promote that brand seems not be sitting well with many.

Take a look at the Supreme x Tupac hologram video below, if you want to see what the whole collection looks like then make sure you stay tuned or sign up to our newsletter.

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Tupac Hologram/Supreme® 2020

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