With it the being the season to treat yourself and others, what better time is there to cop one of the latest accessories released by the renowned Japenese streetwear brand that is BAPE?

As for what is up for grabs, an umbrella for the winter weather arrives with a design consisting of an all-over 1ST CAMO print that can be purchased in either a yellow or green colourway. As well as this, the umbrella features a wooded handle in order to add some sort of classiness to the piece.

In addition to the umbrella, fans of the brand Additionally BAPE‘s newest offerings include a reusable lighter made in conjunction with American manufacturing company Zippo. The lighter is adorned in BAPE’s ubiquitous ABC CAMO in green, while silver shines through on the edges. Finally, an Ape Head-shaped ashtray is also up for grabs.

The ABC CAMO Zippo lighter and Ape Head Ashtray are available to purchase now, while the 1ST CAMO umbrella lands at BAPE retailers and BAPE’s online store this Saturday, December 21.


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