JME Teases New Album, ‘Grime MC’

After spending a number of years out of the spotlight, London’s beloved Grime MC, JME, has just teased a new album titled exactly that.

Specifically, the longtime BBK member has uploaded an 8-minute video in which we see the relatively elusive artist debut two new cuts off of the upcoming project. To be precise, the teaser sees JME give us a brief glimpse of the vinyl edition of ‘Grime Mc’, before playing two new tracks, ‘Nang’, featuring his brother Skepta, and ‘You Watch Me’.

While the vinyl plays in the background, JME writes a number of dates on a blackboard that refer to listening parties that are taking place at various record shops across the UK. You can find all of the details of the album and listening parties below.


  1. ’96 Of My Life’
  2. ‘Pricks’
  3. ‘Issmad’
  4. ‘Dem Man Are Dead’
  5. ‘This One’
  6. ‘Nang’
  7. ‘You Watch Me’
  8. ‘Bad Man Walking Through’
  9. ‘You Know’
  10. ‘Knock Your Block Off’
  11. ‘Ding Ding Ding’
  12. ‘Yes Man’
  13. ‘Move On’
  14. ‘How Much’
  15. ‘Change’
  16. ‘Here’
  17. ‘Live’

Grime MC listening party dates:

Nov 29 – Banquet Records
Nov 30 – Rough Trade East
Dec 01 – HMV Glasgow
Dec 02 – HMV Liverpool
Dec 03 – HMV Manchester
Dec 04 – Bear Tree Sheffield
Dec 05 – HMV Birmingham

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