The renowned Spanish fast-fashion retailer that is Zara has just recently announced that they will be heading towards sustainable-only collections by 2025.

The much-needed change was likely spurred on by one of Zara’s competitors, UNIQLO, who just announced that they will be reducing their single-use plastic by 85% by 2020. However, Zara is looking to outdo them, pledging to increase their collection’s fabric-sustainability from just 20% now, to 100% by 2025. This was likely brought on by a new board of directors who are setting their sights on these eco-friendly feats. As well as this, the brand aims for 80% renewable energy consumption in its headquarters, logistics plants and stores by 2025.

Similarly to UNIQLO, Zara, Burberry and a number of other labels, the first change is usually to stop the use of single-use plastic. From here, Zara also streamlines their packaging process by reusing their cardboard boxes, some of which get recycled up to six times.


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