With Toy Story 4 just hitting cinemas there is no better time to show your reminiscent feeling about the franchise than now. In fact, if you are a fan of the iconic Pixar film then Champion and BEAMS’ recent collaboration with the renowned creative, Yu Nagaba, might be perfect for you.

As for why, the three have produced a small pack of goods created in conjunction with Disney, allowing for Yu to have the rights for full creative control over the aesthetic. Consequently, tees and sweaters arrive with minimalist design. Luckily, the simple nature of the garments paired with versatile colours allows for an aesthetically-pleasing collection that doesn’t make you seem odd for wearing Toy Story merch.

Take a look at the Champion x BEAMS x Yu Nagaba Toy Story imagery below, if you like what you see then pre-order your favourites now over at BEAMS online store, with a release date of September 2019.

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