Take a Look at the World’s First Coloured 3D X-Ray

For years it has always seemed like tech that you would see in a sci-fi film, however, now it looks like we could soon be seeing it in our day to day life.

As for what we are talking about exactly, we are referring to the idea of taking coloured and three-dimensional X-Ray images. Specifically, at the University of Canterbury, in Christchurch, New Zealand, the team at Mars Bioimaging are using detector equipment originally developed for the Large Hadron Collider to take these incredibly complex images.

However, the tech isn’t problem-free just yet. For example, although the images are in colour, this is something that the scientists had to introduce artificially, the reason being that the wavelengths of light required to produce these hues are never present when taking the images. Furthermore, the equipment required to take these X-Rays is so expensive and technical that it will be a little while before they can be used commonly enough for the average person to run into them. Having said that, with tests and successes further developing, it’s only a matter of time.

Find out more regarding the device by watching the Tom Scott-created video above.

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