At the beginning of May The House of Vans hosted the very first exhibition by Katie Silvester, titled ‘Billie – A Collection of Memories’, the collection arrives in the form of a visual collaboration between Billie Marten, Katie Silvester and Josh Shinner. Specifically, the venture sees the three presenting a collection of memories that reflects Billie Marten’s new album ‘Feeding Seahorses by Hand’.

With live music performances from Billie Marten himself, blanC and Oh Papa, the premiere of Josh Shinner’s short film that compliments the album, and an exhibition of hand-printed photographs from Katie Silvester, the night became an event you wouldn’t want to miss, luckily you don’t have to completely as the photography exhibition, together with Josh Shinner’s video will be on display in the House of Vans gallery space until the 19th of May.

Take a look at what went down thanks to Josh Atkin’s photography below.

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