22 years after becoming the youngest and first African-American Golfer to win the Masters, Tiger Woods has once again made history as he took home his fifth Green Jacket, marking his first major tournament win since 2008. In fact, Woods has now become the second most successful Masters golfer in the history of the sport, something that is truly groundbreaking given the trials and tribulations he has faced over recent years.

Specifically, Tiger faced an almighty media backlash as a consequence of his legal and moral mistakes, and as this approximately coincided with his potentially career-ending injuries, no one thought that it was possible for him to return to his previous form. In fact, even the bookies were confident that the Woods wouldn’t be hanging up another Green Jacket, something that came back to haunt them after a string of unlikely bets have come through, with one punter even taking home $1.19 million after placing an $85,000 bet.

Amazingly, Woods has now secured wins at the Masters in 1997, 2000, 2001, 2005 and now 2019. Consequently marking one of, if not the most, significant comebacks in sports. Watch his winning put as well as a follow-up interview below.


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