The iconic Japanese streetwear label that is A Bathing Ape have been one of the most prominent brands in the industry over the last several years. Infact, the brainchild of Nigo is set to celebrate its 26th year, and with this comes a special anniversary collection of offerings.

Specifically, the items arrive in the form of hoodies and tees, both of which offer buyers the choice of a black, white, blue or red garment, with an additional orange hue also gracing the hoodie. From here, the design most notably includes a splattered paint effect that lands underneath the brand’s contrasting “Ape Head” motif. As well as this, the number 26 was placed alongside the logo to mark the special occasion.

Take a look at the offerings below, if you like what you see then you are in luck as the goods are set to hit the shelves of BAPE retail spaces this Saturday, the 5th of April.


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