The beloved streaming platform that is Spotify recently teamed up with Hulu in order to create an extra incentive for people to sign up the the former’s current premium service.

As for what the duo have done, the two entertainment companies joined forces in order to offer all of Spotify Premium’s users a chance to join Hulu’s ad-supported plan for no extra cost, just the current $9.99 they are paying per month currently.

Specifically, those who are based in the US will be able claim the perk right away, to do so, visit the “Your Services” page in Spotify’s platform to kickstart the process. Not only this, but anyone who was signed up to Spotify’s previous bundle package for the price of $12.99 will have their monthly fee reduced to $9.99 going forward.

Now, although Spotify stated that the deal would be available until the 10th of June 10, the platform also added that there are a limited number of spaces and that it will therefore only last “while supplies last.”


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