The iconic American artist, director and producer who is most commonly known for his contribution to the Pop Art scene, Andy Warhol, once said that "Art is what you can get away with." And that may never have been truer judging by his most recent venture.

As for what Warhol was in, as a part of a Burger King advert, the artist was seen for around 45 seconds simply eating a Whopper. Viewers of this vintage-style ad were then made aware of the campaign's purposes as #eatlikeandy branding shortly followed. However, if that wasn't strange enough, it turns out that the video was pulled from the 1982 film, 66 Scenes from America, in which Warhol slowly ate the burger for four and a half minutes.

Take a look at the advert below. 


the Whopper, for years also known as America's Favorite Burger®. keep eating like Andy.

Posted by Burger King on Sunday, February 3, 2019
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