The American singer, songwriter, record producer, and former professional basketball player, R. Kelly, has been facing a whole barrage of hate and abuse after the singer's alleged disturbing and awful actions have been outlined in Lifetime's recent docu-series titled 'Surviving R. Kelly', however, it doesn't look like it has negatively affected his career as much as it should have.

As for what we mean, the docuseries outlined the investigation that has been going on regarding the singer's long history of allegedly sexually assaulting and having relationships with a number of minors, but despite it bringing the singer's actions into the spotlight, his music's streams have only increased. Specifically, the artist's music numbers have risen by approximately 16% despite the series bringing attention to the sex tape that allegedly showed R Kelly raping a 14-year-old girl.

However, this isn't the only despicable thing the docuseries claimed he has done, it rightfully continued to share stories from the alleged victims, many of which stated the singer was, in fact, a dedicated paedophile, and one who was even prepared to plot the murder of those who were planning to stand up against him.

As of yet, R. Kelly hasn't been charged for these serious crimes and therefore we can't speak as if these are concrete facts, however, with the artist already settling a number of court cases in which a variety of individuals sued him - the most disturbing of which was from a girl who claimed he impregnated her when she was underage, and that consequently she was forced to have an abortion - it obviously doesn't look like this is something that has been simply made up by the alleged victims. I guess for now we will just have to wait and hope the truth comes out and that justice is served.


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