The iconic football club that is Real Madrid has set yet another record but this time it was made off the pitch. Specifically, the Spanish team has seen the German sportswear conglomerate further the length of their partnership via a sponsorship deal worth €1.1 Billion. In fact, reports have stated that the deal covers the duo's relationship for the next 10 years, meaning that each year is worth €110 million which comfortably tops Los Blancos’s current deal which is bringing in around €52 million.

To put into perspective just how big this deal is the Spanish sports publication, Marca, pointed out that you can ”Compare it with Nike in the NBA, who kit out all the 21 teams for $1 billion USD over eight years. In other words $125 million USD, or €110 million a season for 21 teams which is the same that adidas will pay for just Real Madrid.”


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