Researchers at Flinders University in South Australia have recently developed new ways to possibly identify the criminals at a crime scene when the fingerprints available are not detailed or clear enough. As for how the tech works, the scientists developed a special dye which can find deposits of DNA at a crime scene, once they are found the tech can identify the number of organic pieces that were at the scene and compare it to the volume of cellular material that each suspect deposits, allowing police to accurately know the source of the DNA samples.So far the researchers have found that men shed more DNA than women and that the finger which leaves the most accurate traces of DNA is the thumb. Lead researcher, Adrian Linacre, stated that “We know that some people pass on more of their DNA because when they touch something more of their cells are left behind,” adding “The dye [used] binds within a number of seconds… certainly within 10 seconds we can see all the DNA that’s there, and we can count it.” “By counting the amount of cellular material, which appears as green dots, we know if someone’s a heavy shedder or a poor shedder”  As of yet the researchers are looking into getting the scientific development used within the police force commonly.

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