If you have ever been on Facebook you have likely seen something from Unilad as what first started as a student “banter” site in 2010 grew to become one of the most popular publishers of viral content on the internet with more than 39 million likes on Facebook and over a billion impressions each week.

Well despite their size, Unilad are set to go into administration over the ‘£6.5m debts’ that the website’s parent company, Bentley Harrington Ltd, has in their name. This has of course caused complications within the company itself after the Unilad co-founder, Alex Partridge, sold the majority of the brand in 2014 and is now owed an eye-watering sum of £5m, he has now taken legal action against the firm in order to try and receive it.

Furthermore, Unilad are currently employing hundreds of staff in Manchester, east London and New York but none of them can be sure to whether they will be keeping their jobs or not. I guess they will have to wait and see.

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