So who are we talking to?




What pushed you to start up a label?


To be honest I started designing in high school around 06-07 With a buddy of mine. We both started to get pretty good and at the time brands like LRG, OBEY, Green Apple Tree and a bunch of others were really killing shit. So when we really saw this we wanted to emulate what they were doing in hopes that we could really create something that big! Long story short, the idea fazed out QUICKLY *laughter*. However, I never stopped designing. I always showed people what I had going as far as designs and everyone would go crazy and try to push me to start a brand. My pops on a regular would try to steal my designs to take to a printer and get them printed but could never figure out how to get them off my computer. None the less, once I got a little older and had enough bread I started the brand in early 2013.

How would you describe VRSA?


Versatile. I use this word because I do my best to really touch all aspects of designing. My design style is very broad and you can really see it in our apparel.

What inspired you to run with the aesthetic VRSA currently has?


Growing up in streetwear and my love for fashion and really mixing styles.


If VRSA could inspire one thing in its fans, what would it be?


To be you! Never let someone put you down for what you are or what you believe in! Im big on individuality and just really being honest with yourself and be absolutely proud to be you

What sets VRSA apart from the rest?



I really think in the demographic we’re in, our quality of products and our designs.


We take a lot of time and spend tons of money to make sure our shit is A1!

How do you see the brand’s aesthetic developing from here?

The aesthetic with VRSA will always be what it is now. We will always throw in a little of what’s trending or what’s hot at that point in time just to accommodate to EVERYONE! The reason why is because I genuinely LOVE having a diverse following!

What’s your favourite VRSA piece?

In 2015 I designed a French Terry Tracksuit and til this day it is my absolute #1 favourite piece!

What’s your favourite brand?


What’s next for VRSA?

Worldwide Distribution. Growth, trying to secure Longevity.


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  1. i really enjoyed reading this article, i love VRSA. i like loads of the clothes but my favourite piece has to be the destructive hoodie! ♡
    ig: @issy.juliana


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