on New Year’s Eve Logan Paul’s YouTube channel – which has clocked up over 15 million subscribers – witnessed Logan entering Japan’s Aokigahara forest (also known as ‘Suicide Forest’) in which he seemed to come across a corpse of an individual who had died by hanging. As you can imagine the video was followed by a barrage of outrage and rightfully so.

However, Logan didn’t just face this abuse due to the video featuring a dead body but because of how disrespectfully he conducted himself throughout the vlog, as he provided close-ups of the man’s hands, focused in on the pockets of the victim to note that he still had his wallet, and was casually laughing and joking during the situation.

Although Logan did offer an apology, it wasn’t long until people pointed out just how egotistical and self-promoting the apology was with celebrities such as the Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner tweeting;

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